My last-minute #nurture1314 post :-)

This is my contribution to #Nurture1314 initiated by @ChocoTzar and pushed forward by @rlj1981 – it’s been a very busy, exciting and fast paced year and I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on it. 13 reflections from the past year and 14 to look forward to (in no particular order). 13 things from 2013: Dresden. We changed flats and […]

Basic physic – resources for Interactive Whiteboards | Grundlegende Physik-Ressourcen für Interaktive Tafeln

My colleague René (he’s new to Twitter so please follow him!) and I decided to make some basic material we used at our teacher trainings accessible. They are all created under a Creative Commons License and can be used in the classroom, edited, shared or whatever you like to do with it. The only limitation is that […]

Build your own low-cost slate! | Baue dein eigenes low-cost Slate!

The wand – your tool to create something magical. Well, unfortunately I’m not Mr. Ollivander – but maybe I can show you something different? Der Zauberstab – dein Werkzeug um etwas magisches zu erschaffen. Na gut, unglücklicherweise bin ich nicht Mr. Ollivander – aber vielleicht kann ich euch etwas anderes vorstellen?  During this years BETT Show I […]