My last-minute #nurture1314 post :-)

This is my contribution to #Nurture1314 initiated by @ChocoTzar and pushed forward by @rlj1981 – it’s been a very busy, exciting and fast paced year and I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on it. 13 reflections from the past year and 14 to look forward to (in no particular order). 13 things from 2013: Dresden. We changed flats and […]

Make your own low-cost high speed videos!

Omnioculars, a gadget from the Quidditch World Championship,  allows you to see everything in slow motion – as often as you like. Although I’m (unfortunately) not a magician I am fascinated by high speed / slow motion videos. During last years BETT Show my friend Leon (@eyebeams) showed me a high-speed video on Youtube.  It was […]